Jack Endino

Producer, engineer, mixer, musician and noisemonger, Jack Endino, check into McG’s Backroom to talk about his life recording bands and playing music.

Take a look at the bands and records that Jack has worked with/on and see if your jaw doesn’t drop. Very stoked to have Jack as a guest!

Jack Endino of Slippage


Joe Strummer – Without People
Circle Jerks – Red Tape (Decline of Western Civilization)
Repo Man – The Death of Otto
Steel Leg vs. The Electric Dread – Haile Unlikely By The Electric Dread (1979 7” Jah Wobble (of PIL), Stratetime Keith (really Keith Levine of PIL), Don Letts and Vince Bracken.)
Punk Rock Philosophy
John Lydon – The Rabbit Song
Carlton Melton – When You’re In
Zen Guerrilla – Barbed Wire
Zen Guerrilla – What I Got
Kandi Coded – Walk Away
Valient Thorr – Habituary
The Sonics – Cheap Shades
The Sonics – The Witch
Skin Yard – Machine Gun Etiquette
Skin Yard – Start at the Top
Black Tusk – Bring Me Darkness
Toxic Holocaust – War is Hell
Rein Sanction – This Town
L7 – Shove
Jack Endino – Permanent Fatal Error


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